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Prayed Upon
Prayed Upon is the story of one woman’s escape from the abuse of a respected, church-going psychiatrist. Amy reaches out to Dr. Dolion for help with depression, but instead of providing healing, he leads her down a path of deception and betrayal. His office, which initially feels like a sanctuary, becomes a psychological prison, one from which Amy will have to fight to free herself.

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Lead and Grow Rich
It’s been over 80 years since Napoleon Hill introduced the world to Think and Grow Rich. While many ideas within this book still apply to personal development today, a lot has changed. Our society has established new definitions of success, family dynamics have changed drastically, and more opportunities to reach a global market have become available.

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Awakening goes beyond the idea that women should ask for a seat at the table. Areva Martin makes the case for women to tear down the building, build anew, and choose tables that make room for everyone.

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The Essential Social Skills Handbook for Teens
Have you been missing out on getting what you want most in life because you lack confidence or are shy? Do you want to have the confidence to do anything you want and not care about what others think of you? Then keep reading….

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