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SciFi and Fantasy

Rebirth of a Warrior Angel
One wants to destroy the world as we know it, the other wants to save it. But what will happen when the two become one? For years, life on the Continent of the Fallen Star in the World Below went on without a care. Six different tribes, living side by side, each unique in its own way. But everything changes when the head of the Kadanita Clan decides to breach the ancient alliance and embarks on a savage mission to take control of the other tribes’ lands.

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The Nothing Within
Root is…different. Though raised in a fearful society that reveres tradition and conformity, she’s irreverent, outspoken, and deeply curious. Her blindness sets her even further apart. Centuries after the Reckoning, a global biotech plague, savage chimeras still threaten human survival. After Root hears a voice that no one else can hear, she flees into the wilderness. Outcast and hunted, she must confront a dire threat to her people–and unravel the mystery of who she really is.

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Wizard’s Rise
For over two hundred years, the Rye Empire outlawed the use of magic. Now, the empire has fallen and a new, sinister power is rising. Ambitious and corrupt, The Mountain King will stop at nothing to reach his goals. Enslaving a sorceress to do his bidding, he begins his hunt for lost talismans that can help him bring the wizards back, and harness their power. To save the Old Empire from this growing, sinister magic, seventeen-year-old farm boy Mykal and his friends begin a desperate journey: they must collect the talismans before the Mountain King. On their way, Mykal will have to face fears and accept truths he never knew existed.

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