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The Feral Sentence
Eighteen-year-old Lydia Brone never imagined she’d be convicted of first-degree murder. But when her mom’s drunken boyfriend becomes abusive, she does what any protective daughter would do—she gets involved. Killing him wasn’t part of her plan. Now, with handcuffs around her small wrists, Lydia stares out through the helicopter’s window as Kormace Island—the Island of Killers—comes into view. She’s read about the penal island online… she just never thought she’d be sentenced to serve three years on it.

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E-Day II
E-Day: The moment the machines evolved and humans nearly went extinct. In the chaos, one million people escaped Earth and fled to a secret colony on the dark side of the Moon. Deep beneath the lunar surface, in the cold, they wait for the inevitable–a second attack that will wipe humanity out forever. Sergeant Tadhg Walsh is tired of waiting. He wants to fight back and return to Earth to search for Shadow Squad. But he has new orders from the Lunar Defense Corps: protect the colonies at all costs and forget about any survivors back home.

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