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Steamy Romance

As Deep as the Ocean
It was just a contract, a way to access the money tied up in her inheritance. It didn’t mean anything. She knew she mustn’t think about Mac’s broad shoulders. About the intriguing tattoo that curled around his arm, how his muscular body gleamed when he worked in the warm sunshine, or how his ocean-blue eyes heated her from the inside out. She mustn’t think about the stolen kiss, the way he’d slipped his arm around her waist to pull her against him. The soft touch of his lips on hers.

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Saving Us
Hot, talented, and fresh to campus. Can Natalie trust the gorgeous new football player, or will his team loyalty win out? Natalie Chapman is drawn into a friendship and flirtation with Northern University’s newest football transfer, Sebastian Swan, when her roommate and best friend, Annika, begins dating his teammate. Fresh off a breakup, Natalie isn’t interested in hooking up with a player who has women chasing him all over campus. But Sebastian claims his best quality is perseverance, and he has no problem pursuing Natalie instead. As the two grow closer, details of Annika’s troubled relationship with the star quarterback come to light.

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Knocking up his Nanny
I’m sick of being a dirt-broke, starving artist. When my mom’s hospital bills start piling up, I take every odd job I can find in Silver Mountain. Eventually that leads to a nanny position at the biggest mansion in town. The kids are cute as stuffed animals. Only one problem: their dad might be the mysterious, sexy stranger I’ve been making out with in a hospital broom closet. Oops.

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