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SciFi and Fantasy

A hundred years from now, everything you know will be gone. Growing up an orphan in privately run New Britain, Gideon Rayne had just one dream: to work for Kaoteck Industries as one of the Constables. But when selection day comes around, nothing goes as expected. Soon, Gideon is entrusted with a miraculous suit of high-tech armor, and thrown into a terrifying adventure that puts him on a collision course with forces darker than he never knew existed.

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First Life
Colton Beck has six months to live. He works for the Angor near Los Angeles, aware that any day could be his last. The Angor arrived twenty years ago, resolved to help mankind survive, but not everyone believes their motives are honorable. When the Angor offer humanity a colony world, Colton is determined to see another planet before his final breath. He’s been diagnosed with Xeno, a rare disorder that surfaced with the Angor’s arrival, but he won’t let this stop him.

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