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Steamy Romance

Raman’s Love List
She doesn’t believe in love. He doesn’t believe in redemption. After her divorce from an immature man-child, there is no way Raman Shergill is getting into a relationship again. Just to be sure, she’s made a Love List. A notebook of requirements she needs to check off for romance. Realistically, no one is going to meet them all, but that’s not a problem. The real love in Raman’s life is her hard-fought independence, never having to compromise again, and not having to deal with weaponized incompetence (hurray!).

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Finding Our Someday
The past should be behind her, but for Bri McAndrews, it keeps sneaking up in the worst ways. Lies, vicious plots, and manipulation follow Bri everywhere she turns. All she wants is to pick up the pieces and move on with her life, but the mistakes she’s made continue to haunt her, hurt her, pull her under. And with the sting of Trey’s latest betrayal still very fresh, Bri doesn’t know if she can truly trust him with her heart, leaving her at a crossroads she’s not ready to face.

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Us After You
Tucker Decker is an infamous billionaire. He’s ruthless, impulsive, cold-hearted, and hot as sin. He likes his relationships casual and his commitments without strings. But when it comes to his former bandmates, he’d do anything for them. Tragedy demands sacrifice.

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