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Steamy Romance

When Vivian Mason, a struggling college freshman who has no family left and barely makes ends meet, runs into a broody, handsome stranger on the streets of Manhattan one November night, she has no idea who he is. A man of a few words, a body made of steel, and eyes brimming with fire, the mysterious stranger saves her life more than once. Soft and delicate and a moving target, she falls for the broad-shouldered man, although his identity remains a secret.

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Dragons of Mount Valen
Four stories of rugged mountain men with a secret to hide and a desire to mate the one woman they’ll ever need. All they have to do is find her, and win her over first. It might be simple but it won’t be easy. Life never is for the dragon clans of Five Peaks. Obstacles stand in their way, including a new foe, a human entity that has unprecedented knowledge of the dragons and their secrets and is intent on finding them all. To save their mates and enjoy the everlasting love they so desire will take more than the brawn these dragons possess in spades. It will take brains, and a commitment so strong it will sway even those who thought ill of them.

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Tight End
Brody Carter is everything a girl could ever want. Strong, charming, insanely hot–and with a sizzling Texas twang to his deep voice. Not to mention the sense of humor that makes me double-over with laughter. But at the end of our amazing night, after I gave him my number? He never called me.

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