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Steamy Romance

A Cowboy’s Kiss
When big-hearted Luke Bennett spots a dog stranded on the highway in a snowstorm, he leaps into action. Saving the day is what this sexy cowboy does. Whether it’s a stray animal in peril or a business going down the tubes, Luke’s the guy to call. But it will take all his management skills to rescue Abigail Summers from bankruptcy. Although she bakes like an angel and her pastries are a hit, the devil’s in the details. She could be Luke’s dream girl, but her cardboard box overflowing with a year’s worth of receipts is his worst nightmare.

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Everyone knows Matthew Caldwell. Charming. Gorgeous. Wealthy. And way out of my league. So when he invites me into the lifestyle of the rich and famous? I agree in a heartbeat.

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Square Mile series
I was raised to believe I was worthless. But, against all the odds, I knew better. I knew who I was and what I could do. I knew I could create the perfect life and no one needed to know the truth. I modelled myself on him.

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