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SciFi and Fantasy

Elizabeth and the Shifters
Elizabeth is certain she’s not meant to rule the Southeastern White Tooth Pack. Since birth, she’s been told she was the wolf pack’s fated leader. She is, after all, the first-born of the pack Alpha. But how can she lead them if she’s never shifted? She doubts herself, but her fate is tied to the moon and Elizabeth is honor-bound to fulfill her destiny. To help Elizabeth, her mother presents her with a secret diamond necklace, magical jewels that have adorned the neck of every female in her family for hundreds of years.

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Into the Wildbarrens
Join Falin and his honorable (and not-so-honorable) Champions on his journey for the Gems of Elsana. Dragons, monsters, and even the dreaded Wildbarrens can’t deter this motley bunch of adventurers as they embark on one of the greatest quests Elsana has ever known. Into the Wildbarrens is filled with comedy, action, romance, and thrills making it the perfect read for those seeking a feel-good fantasy!

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