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The Super Summer flu brings mankind to its knees in the grisliest way possible. A few survive: the unlucky ones, the immune, and those relishing a life of lawlessness. This is their story. Experience the End Times through their eyes and face their fears as they struggle to outwit the evil holding Earth hostage. Amongst the survivors, there’s Scarlett, the heartbroken schoolteacher who mopes around her condo, oblivious to the pandemic. There’s Dean, the retired no-nonsense handyman who spends his days fishing and avoiding society. And there’s Justin, the geeky college student who opts-out of his family’s annual vacay to work on his latest computer app, secluded in a basement. They are preoccupied with their own lives.

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Shadows That Speak
Daniel Manley did not experience a single moment of human kindness when cast out as a child onto the merciless cobblestone streets of 19th century London. One unsympathetic evening, while he lay cold and alone in a dark alley, he pleaded for death over living his abhorrent life a single moment longer. Upon taking his last gasp of frigid air, a mysterious voice emanates from the alley’s darkest corner, stopping his despair. Daniel scans the darkness for the voices’ origination.

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Terror in the Shadows Vol. 1
A young man’s attempts at breaking parole end in a night of horror. A child realizes his Christmas gift might be more sinister than he originally thought. An editor accidentally uncovers his client’s sinister plan to cleanse the world of all evil… Scare Street’s roster of authors Ron Ripley, David Longhorn, Sara Clancy and A. I. Nasser come together to bring you 10 of the most terrifying tales meant to chill you to your core.

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