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The Cinderella Effect
For more than 30 years, Orit Atias worked as a counselor, guided parents, coaches, and managers, and developed professional teams in big institutions and organizations, to allow them to realize their hidden potential and achieve success. In her book, The Cinderella Effect, she provides the reader with a new outlook on how we can overcome difficulty and crisis and identify the secret to self-realization in all areas of life. The book details seven main processes comparable with the know story of Cinderella, and the stages of her transformation from maid to queen.

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Disruptive Christian Leadership
When our lives are disrupted, they can’t continue in the usual way. It is all too easy to continue living in this world by merely keeping in step with the culture. Living a status quo life just like everyone else. Everywhere we turn we hear messages telling us to exalt ourselves, follow our hearts, and worship the idols of money and sex, or whatever else we think will make us “happy.” It is counterintuitive to die to ourselves, to take up our crosses, and to renounce our wills and sinful desires in favor of God’s will.

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