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SciFi and Fantasy

Birth Of The Phoenix
After a brutal childhood left her with both physical and emotional scars, Anastasia has fought for years to put an end to the nightmares. It’s with him, the boy next door who is now the man she cannot live without, that she can finally hope for a happy ending. But in Anastasia’s world, hope is a very, very dangerous thing. When she is kidnapped and dragged into a perilous world, Anastasia discovers that her nightmares are not figments of a broken mind, but rather premonitions of her harsh new reality.

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The Shadow Order
Either I defeat the monster or I become the monster. As if being locked up in the crazy house wasn’t bad enough, I wake up to discover that the person I trust most in the world just morphed into a bloodthirsty monster. My only chance for escape comes in the form of two women calling out from within a shimmering tunnel. So, it’s either stick around and get murdered or jump through some kind of portal.

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