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Heat To Obsession
Superstar chef Amanda Byrd had it all — a loving husband, two beautiful kids, and a critically-acclaimed restaurant — until her epic meltdowns caused her marriage to implode. After a humiliating year of therapy and eating crow, her husband Mike has agreed to take her back, as long as she continues to keep her inner diva in check. Amanda’s guilty secret: during that year of separation, she had an affair with the talented young chef, Noah, who worked in the hotel where she stayed after Mike kicked her out. Nothing serious, just a fling that she broke off as soon as Mike let her come home.

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Code of War
Montana’s back country is known to be unforgiving. Miles of forest interrupted only by jagged peaks. Weather conditions that shift without a moment’s notice. Ferocious wildlife … It’s where Jen Yates landed when she retired from the National Security Agency. She chose the back country for a reason: Safety. Her new cabin isn’t for leisure … it’s a remote military installation designed for concealment. Jen spent close to a decade honing her craft in some of the NSA’s most storied branches. Now, she’s using those same tools as a government contractor. It generates deniability for the United States Government while allowing Jen and her small team to operate on the forefront of America’s burgeoning cyber war.

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