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Christmas miracles do happen when you realize age is just a number. Aspen Assisted Living facility is known for their festive holiday decorations, but it did little to decorate the hearts of the residents. The longer Grace Decker lives at the facility, the more she retreats into herself. What is the point? Her freedom died right along with her husband. Now strangers treat her like a child. She doesn’t even care that it’s almost Christmas. The last thing Albert Stanley, a former rodeo star, wants is to be stuck inside with not a horse in sight. Six months in this place has seemed like six years. Although he’s the life of the party on the outside, inside he feels alone and isolated. Is he going to die without ever experiencing true love? Albert decides to make it his mission to bring some Christmas cheer into Grace’s life, despite her resistance. Can two people who believe their lives are over, remember romance at Christmas, and discover that you are never too old to fall in love?

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A Sheriff for the Lonesome Lady
Cornelia Hale never believed she would have to answer this question, mostly because she believed she would never really meet a man worth loving. When she decides to leave the past behind her and become a Mail Order Bride, she will find herself faced with a scheme that may cost her more than she ever believed she could give. Bill Turner has never moved on from his wife’s death, even as fourteen years have come and gone. The thrill of hunting criminals is slowly deemed and hindered by his age… And yet, no love can take its place, for no woman in town is as good as his Amanda was. Yet, when a Mail Order Bride named Cornelia arrives, saying he is to be his wife, Bill will have to either send her away like a coward or take her in…

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