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Will Harper Florida Thrillers
This box of gripping Florida thrillers introduces boat and beer-loving investigative journalist Will Harper. A semi-retired reporter turned private investigator, Will spends most of his time on his live-in yacht exploring Florida’s lush, tropical waterways, navigating his treacherously overlapping love interests–and solving hard-boiled murder mysteries. In this introductory collection, Will grapples with various mobsters, corrupt local officials, and a bloom of toxic algae that resembles guacamole.

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It’s New Year’s Eve in Southern California. Shae Wilmont, the adored celebrity host of IShop—a popular shopping site—is ready to reclaim her life. Her stalker’s been caught. But en route to a party, a bizarre encounter lands her in the wrong place at the wrong time. She panics. And trusts her gut. It’s a devastating mistake.

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US UK and CA

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