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Digital Velocity
Lexi Donovan is blindsided by the senseless murder of her mentor. The killer leaves a calling card—a riddle leading to the next intended victim. Lexi. Armed with snark, grit, and the shepherd by her side, she uncovers a digital betting arena on the dark web and levels the playing field using bits and bytes. Ethan McAllister is a detective, hard-wired for justice and determined to find the meddlesome hacker whose anonymous tip led him into a firefight. Maybe she got bored with pranks, like sending fur-lined cuffs and roses to his precinct. Perhaps it was a game to lure him in close for the perfect kill.

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Newton’s Cradle
He stumbles upon his boss’s secret project. Jeopardizing the American way of life, and his own. Los Angeles, summer. Terence Whitfield and his boss Duncan Riley feel the heat in more ways than one. They need to close a deal that could improve the energy industry and save their company. Fortunately, the deal is set. Unfortunately, Terence is blackmailed into infiltrating Riley’s safe, where he finds an intriguing file: Newton’s Cradle. The file describes a revolutionary technology that would replace fossil fuel with clean, free energy. Given the enormous implications, a backstabbing, no-holds-bar battle intensifies. As it turns out, Terence has opened Pandora’s box. In order to stop New Energy from getting into the wrong hands, he will now have to fight for his life.

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