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Shattered Memories
A child taken in the middle of the night from her bed while her parents slept with no signs of break-in has sent the city of Seattle into a panic. Seasoned Detectives Jim North and Kerry Martin are assigned to recover the missing girl, but the deeper Jim and Kerry follow the case, they’ll discover more questions than answers.

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US UK and CA

A Girl’s Guide To Creating Christmas
Fiona is sweet and precocious, and her mother’s biggest fan. Natalie put Fiona in a mentoring program for kids who need a positive male role model a year ago, where she was paired up with Paul. Natalie is super appreciative of the time he gives to her daughter once a week. When her holiday pre-orders orders get too intense for her to handle, she asks Paul if she can pay him to watch Fiona a little extra in the weeks just after Thanksgiving. Amused, and totally fond of Fiona, Paul agrees. Unbeknownst to Nathalie, Paul and Fiona are cooking up a plan all their own to create a magical Christmas that Fiona’s mom will never forget.

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US UK and CA

The Furyck Saga
Jael Furyck isn’t happy. Her father is dead. Her uncle has stolen the throne.
And now he wants to marry her off to the fallen son of her arch-enemy. But Jael is a battle-hardened warrior, trained to kill since she was ten-years-old. She doesn’t plan on being anyone’s wife.

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US UK and CA

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