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SciFi and Fantasy

Alissa returns home from university, still haunted by the death of her sister and a restlessness that keeps drawing her back into the great Dune Sea of Irithen, the dangerous heart of a remote province on a distant planet. Her attempt to save the life of the young and charismatic Talin throws her into a whirlwind of hidden agendas and a ruthless military attack. Only her mental and physical skills can keep her alive in this vast expanse of sand, heat, giant lizards and poisonous scorpions.

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Ghosts Gold and the Watchmaker
Mary hoping to leave the hardships and loneliness of her past behind embarks on a new life running a bar in a remote Australian town. The occupants are all driven by fear, striving to survive both mentally and physically in the harsh environment. She dreams of returning to England but that would require a small fortune.After a period of success, the news of a gold strike leaves the town and farms deserted except for old women and teetotallers. Mary’s business is in danger of collapse and what’s worse her son William has disappeared also overcome with gold fever

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