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Her Secret Agent Fake Fiance
When Erin Steele meets Braden Moretti in the elevator of the FBI building, the man is arrogant and annoying. Five minutes later her boss drops an unexpected bombshell. With an undercover alias and a fake diamond ring on Erin’s finger, she must pretend to be engaged to Agent Moretti to stop a dangerous heist at a millionaire’s mansion in San Franciso. Will Braden have her back or is he hiding a secret, too, and what’s up with that kiss under the mistletoe anyway?!

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not bored
Drive, focus, and a solid plan for my future never left time for any of the fun things in school. Not that it mattered, guys never looked at the tall chubby nerdy girl. And they still don’t, now that I’m a thirty-something professional woman. Not that I give them a chance working six days a week and spending most of the seventh doing laundry or watching movies with my best friend. How did the perfect life become boring? When my best friend agrees to jump into the exciting unknown with me, endless opportunities appear.

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