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Steamy Romance

Charmed by the Bartender
Who knew sleeping with the enemy could be this fun? Was the one night stand a good idea? Well, no. Probably not in retrospect. In my defense I had just moved back into my grandparent’s house, I’d lost my dream job, and a guy on Tinder had stood me up. It was like life had suddenly stamped ‘LOSER’ on my forehead.

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Unwind with this steamy love story. Told as a 12-part serial, each book is about the length of a glass of wine or a soak in the tub. Isla Foster and Colin Jackman are strangers. Desperate to escape the daily grind of life, they each accept an anonymous invitation to a masquerade ball — one of the most prestigious events in New York City. There they are given lavish costumes, false identities and an opportunity to take part in a seductive game.

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Relentless King
I’ve never been afraid of the dark, because I am relentless in the night.
This world, my world, is a black hole of death and despair. No one knows it better than me. But my Alyson Scarpati is a blinding light. Her innocence captured my heart the moment I saw her. She vanquishes the shadows and leaves an uneasiness burning inside me. Her father wants to give her away as a gift to the highest bidder? But all he wants is a profitable alliance. Not if I have anything to say about it. Her protection is my reverence.

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