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Freedom is so close Gabby can taste it. After years of meeting single werewolves and successfully dodging the mating bullet, she’s on her way to her last Introduction to say “No, thanks” one final time. As a human, she has no plans to attach herself to a werewolf. But, she didn’t count on meeting Clay. With a single look, Gabby knows Clay is the one. And, unfortunately, he knows it too. The silent, ruggedly-handsome werewolf is determined to win his mate by any means necessary. Gabby does what any sane girl would do and runs. Not only does Clay follow, but something truly dangerous does as well.

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Christmas Encounter with a Duke
It’s almost Christmas and she feels so lonely. Her father’s illness is getting worse after the loss of her mother. Rose can’t live as a slave anymore. She wants nothing more than her freedom, and this could be the best gift for Christmas! She’s the perfect English Rose, with a heart as sweet as honey. She’s the most wonderful woman he’s ever laid eyes on – an undiscovered treasure of priceless value… As he lay injured, in pain, she came through the trees like a forest nymph, her tender heart shining in her eyes, bringing comfort, healing, and opening his heart to love. For him, there could never be another. But never was a treasure so hard to win…

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