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Knee Deep
When Cam Derringer loses his wife, his law license, and his home, he has some adjusting to do. After settling into a houseboat in Key West, he finds himself unable to let go of his wife’s murder. Desperate for answers, he starts a quest to find the ones responsible for her death.
The deeper he dives into the criminal underworld, the more dangerous the situation becomes. But Cam won’t stop until everyone responsible pays their fair share. Even if it means skirting the law now and then.

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Eva Monroe is returning from a three-week business trip, one in which she left her five-year-old son in the care of her estranged ex-husband when the plane that’s taking her home crashes. The accident leaves her in a coma, unresponsive to doctors’ attention and the urgings of her little boy. However, while Eva’s body lies on the precipice of death, Eva’s spirit has traveled to a place known as the In-Between – a world that is hovering in the clouds above our planet.

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The Advocate
Palmer Reed is still haunted by her tragic past. Frustrated her childhood kidnappers escaped justice, she accepts a position at an advocacy foundation, hoping to support other victims of crime. But she’s stunned to discover that behind the scenes of the glamorous fundraising galas, a sinister conspiracy lurks. Strong-armed by the determined founder into squeezing money from lawbreaking “donors,” she’s troubled by the shady practices used to raise big dollars. With her conscience eating at her, Palmer sets out to uncover the true depths of the shadowy scheme, and unearths a shocking connection between the organization and her own kidnapping.

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