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SciFi and Fantasy

The Ripple Trilogy
Samantha Ruiz has always blamed herself for her mother’s untimely death, until she learns it may be linked to genetic experiments dating back to World War II. Suddenly Samantha’s uncanny ability to vanish from sight or “ripple” looks like more than just an amusing superpower. Now it might get her killed. A swoon-y crush shows up in her life, offering help and secrecy, but he also confirms there are people eager to get their hands on her for her secret ability. Uncertain who to trust, Samantha can’t resist gorgeous Will and is soon sneaking around ancient French castles by moonlight to unravel the mystery of who wants her and why – before it’s too late. Packed with action and sweet romance, the Ripple Trilogy delivers a heart-pounding collision of beauty and darkness.

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The Game of War
Dantess wants to follow in the footsteps of his dead grandfather—a legendary priest of War—but his father forbids it. In fact, his father’s hatred of War lands him in a cell within the god’s temple. The only way to free him is from the inside, so Dantess must choose: let his father die or defy his upbringing, become a priest, and win his father’s freedom in the temple’s deadly Game of War. Torn between the legacies of his father and grandfather, Dantess finds that both paths hide secrets that threaten to destroy everything he cares about, including his sanity.

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