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Servants of the Endless Night
Fifteen years ago, the FBI took down Mason Kane, the most notorious black sorcerer and cult leader the world had ever seen. The media called him a monster. To me, he was just ‘Dad.’ I was only thirteen when the Feds raided my home and put an end to my father’s reign of darkness. Ever since then, the infernal deeds of my father have haunted me. I’m cursed, branded with a name that strikes fear into the hearts of everyone who hears it. Perhaps that’s why I’ve devoted my life to becoming an expert on the occult and applying my knowledge for good. Armed with the magic of my father’s ceremonial blade, I assist the world’s law enforcement agencies when things get weird. But no matter how many monsters I defeat, will it ever be enough to wash away the sins of my father?

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Let Her Rest
Let Her Rest is a stand-alone paranormal murder mystery inspired by a real former asylum. Jake Edwards hasn’t thought about the Northern Michigan Asylum in three decades-not since the terrifying night he fled the asylum as a child and never looked back. When Petra, a mysterious woman from those forgotten days, appears at his business, he suspects a practical joke. Until the woman vanishes, leaving behind a blood-spattered apartment and a trail of secrets that all lead back to the shuttered asylum.

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