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SciFi and Fantasy

Toothless Jim Illustrated
Sixteen-year old Miles dreams of pirate battles but is left to wash dishes — until wild and dangerous Toothless Jim washes ashore and Miles’ dreams of adventure swirl into reality. Yes Toothless Jim had shark teeth sewn into his mouth by outlandish sea-surgeons, and yes he escaped from an Island Jail called Pirate Penitentiary.

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Empyrean Witch
I’m no stranger to darkness. I’ve been dealing with it all my life. That’s just part of being a “mutant psychic.” I see things and know things that I’d be better off not seeing or knowing. But when my witch powers start to manifest, my life takes on a new direction entirely. Suddenly, I’m recruited by the Shadow Order, a supernatural agency dedicated to the protection of the covens. My primary task? To read supernatural crime scenes. Trust me, at that point the word “dark” takes on a whole new meaning.

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