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Declutter Workbook Series: Books 1 – 4
It’s time to take back your life, and the first step is getting organized. Ask any CEO, entrepreneur, or eminent artist, and they’ll assure you that the key to making it big begins with the small stuff. An attention to detail will make all the difference in both your personal and professional life. Disorder holding you back? Well, this collection may be the most important series that you ever read. This newfangled, no-nonsense manual is certain to turn your world right-side up!

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Peace in the Presence of God
A dozen Christian writers have joined together to expose anxiety by the Word of God, encourage women through their struggles, and give insight to how we can all find peace in the presence of God. With concentrated efforts, these are the best of the best from authors including: Miranda J. Chivers, Leisa Williams, Joy W. Yancy, J. V. Lauren, Becky Sims, Cindy Blair, Anne Urubkov, Erin Watson Mohr, Jenna Schroeder, and CJ Westcot. (and one guy: Michael Lacey, who helps produce these Devo Writers Collaborations).

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Giving Birth
Birth and early motherhood are often painted as beautiful, natural, magical experiences. While this is true, there is so much more to the process – and often, new mothers find themselves unprepared and overwhelmed, simply for the lack of knowledge. It was not so long ago that we lived in clans, and before that in tribes. The wisdom of the tribe flowed through our veins. By the time a woman became pregnant, she already knew what she was getting into, and was surrounded with support.

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