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The Way Out
A medical miracle is reshaping the world. The artificial womb ensures the perfect health and flawless development of every unborn child. Natural pregnancy is now unnecessary risk—and quickly criminalized as a danger to both mother and fetus. As a reporter, Jessica Brantley makes new enemies on a daily basis covering both sides of the controversial new law. Now her search for the truth behind this world-changing technology will lead to an unimaginable discovery—the existence of children with terrifying telepathic powers.

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Ashes Beneath Her
It’s a bright sunny day in 1975 when Orla varnishes without a trace. She is not the first woman to disappear into the sunlit woods of northern Michigan. As Orla’s best friend searches for clues as to her whereabouts, the tracks of a serial killer begin to emerge. You won’t want to stop reading this fast-paced supernatural mystery. Ghosts, murder, and a mysterious asylum await you.

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