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Her Off-Limits Cowboy
He promised himself he would never date a friend’s sister. But that’s exactly who his perfect woman is, and his affections are soon returned. Will Drew find the courage to break his own rule, or will he break Willow’s heart? Drew is new at Sweet Mist Ranch, where folks love the land, the Lord, and family–just like him. His promotion to foreman has driven a wedge between him and his brother, which Drew aims to fix–he can’t handle a rift with another sibling. Drew’s sister is still furious with him after dating his philandering friend, Zac, and Drew has sworn he will never make the same mistake.

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Gloria: a sweet, small town Christmas romance
Great Aunt Patti is dead. Gloria Watson would probably feel a little sadder at that news if she had known about Great Aunt Patti in the first place. Growing up an only child, all she had was her grandmother. After Nana’s passing, Gloria thought she was the last one left in her family. Well, she is. Since Great Aunt Patti is dead and all.

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