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A Monster Escapes
What if the people we love hide monsters they can’t contain? When a dark force strikes the small town of Brettville, there is only one woman to call. Jane Elring knows what monsters look like. She stares them down on the regular, working as a paranormal investigator for the government. Her dark eyes find the deepest secrets; her unique mind comes up with plans others wouldn’t dare follow through. Faced with an ancient evil that only wants to consume, there is no room for debate. Sometimes it takes a monster to beat one, and Jane Elring has been called much worse.

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In The Dark
A dark figure slips through rooms and corridors, silently carrying out its malicious plans. After recently learning that he’d fathered two daughters, Myles is ecstatic to have a family and moves them into a new home. Unfortunately, an evil presence lurks in the shadows, disrupting their lives in twisted ways and disintegrating the fragile bonds that bind them together. When the attacks become more menacing and persistent, Myles turns to a pair of psychic mediums, Eloise and Nona, who attempt to rid the entity from their home. But these paranormal investigators haven’t encountered a creature this cunning. And they may need to call upon the same darkness the monster utilizes if they hope to force it out of Myles’s home…and that’s when the true terror begins.

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In Our Bones
Lauren’s happy childhood on a farm in Minnesota is shattered after an assault during her teen years, and she retreats into her own world as America falls apart. Hers was the last generation to grow up before the economic collapse that followed the Corona pandemic. Amidst roiling climate chaos, the government has been taken over by extremists, incompetents, and con-men who tear the country apart while clinging to power.

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US UK and CA

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