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Healing the Stormy Marriage
Imagine waking up tomorrow with new hope because you understand the secrets of living successfully with an unstable spouse. What if you could feel more confident, more in control, and less resentful? How? By embracing the easy-to-read recommendations from the husband-and-wife author team who beat all the odds to find joy in marriage despite multiple mental illness diagnoses. In spite of family members and friends persuading them to call it quits, they found power in their faith and developed new skills recommended by world-renowned mental health and marriage researchers—now neatly interwoven in this groundbreaking volume—for you.

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The Manager’s Dilemma
Are you sick and tired of problems being escalated up to your desk? Like most managers, you’re a great problem-solver. So what do you do when a team member brings you an issue? Yep, automatic reflex kicks in, you dive straight into it and sort the issue out. Which is great for that one issue. But what about the 10s or 100s of other issues that arrive on your desk daily? You know where this is going, don’t you? Lots of interruptions. Frustration. Decision fatigue. Drowning under the weight…Is this inevitable? As a manager, do you have to just put up with this?

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