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Steamy Romance

Trouble In A Tight Dress
Marine veteran Austin Flint knows all about trouble. He fought it in Afghanistan, and now he battles it at home as the head of Six Points Tactical & Security. In his line of work, he can’t afford to be distracted by anything…or anyone, and that includes Nina Petrov, his cyber security expert. She’s got a chip on her shoulder, a smart mouth. And a body that just doesn’t quit. She’s also his employee, which makes her off limits, no matter how badly he wants her. But when her life is threatened by the Russian mafia, he’ll do what it takes to protect her, even if that means breaking his own code of honor and claiming her as his own.

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Red Dragon’s Flame
Mikah, red dragon of the Al-Maddeiri clan, is bored out of his mind. For over a decade he’s been the chief administrator for the clan, the king’s right hand, head paper-shuffler in an office full of desk jockeys. He and his dragon want more—they need more. So when he meets a mysterious, adventure-seeking woman online, he can’t help but be intrigued. And when he gets a cryptic message that tells him she’s in danger—and then nothing else—he can’t stop himself from going to earth to find out what happened to her. But his dark lady’s secrets are even more dangerous than he could have imagined—and she touches his soul in a way he’s only dreamed of.

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Never Say Goodbye
While walking through the tunnels of her family’s estate in the British Isles, Amanda Marceau travels through time and into the arms of Alexander Montgomery, the Royal Navy Admiral who captures her heart. Months later Amanda’s forced back to the present with Alexander’s daughter, heartbroken they’ve been separated. Hoping Alexander will find his way through time to her, she’s later devastated to learn he was killed at the dawn of the American Revolution. Unable to cope with the horrible consequences, Amanda suffers an epic breakdown, and tucks away the memories that are just too much to bear.

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