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SciFi and Fantasy

The Seeds of Dissolution
Eighteen year old recluse Sam van Oen lives with his aunt, takes online college courses, works in technical support, and tries not to remember the freak storm that killed his parents ten years ago. But anxiety and reclusion bring up memories he doesn’t want. Just as Sam gathers courage to send in his application for college away from home, the temperature drops and the sun goes dim. Ice forms in August, and a portal opens in his fireplace. This time, Sam can’t run.

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Benandanti Series Trilogy
Tazlyn Hunt, Benandanti werewolf, had been alone most of her adult life. No family, limited social life… if it wasn’t for her furry best friend Rebel, she’d have been a hermit for sure. When she agrees to take on a dark case to find a missing boy, things begin to change for Tazlyn. Finding out she wasn’t alone after all was only the beginning.

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