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Greenwood Cove
When I was eight, I saved a boy from getting snakebit. Him and me was the best of friends after that, right up ‘til high school hit and we was both forced to move on. Years later, Riley Treadwell walked back into my life, all growed up, and with him come a monster-sized problem. Seemed trouble was brewing in Lake Burton, trouble big and mean enough to take out docks and scare the life outta anybody what seen it. Then there was the toxic waste somebody dumped into the local waterways. Nobody was talking, but somebody sure was guilty, and I aimed to find out who.

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A Smidgeon of Ghosts
Madame Ruby, gypsy fortune teller in the city of Chicago, makes headlines in the Chicago Tribune when she predicts a Halloween murder in the old haunted house in Lincoln Park. She also lays down a challenge for Madeline Donovan to attend a séance on that night and thwart the murderer. Madeline dismisses the challenge until she receives a note from the sisters who live there asking for her help to rid the house of a troublesome ghost who recently inhabited their home and is causing them much consternation.

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