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SciFi and Fantasy

Vampyres Of Hollywood Vol. 2-3
Ovsanna Moore has no fear, never loses a fight, and always, always says what she thinks—very wittily too. Vampyres are like that. You learn a lot in 450 years, though not necessarily your way around a murder investigation. Due to an extremely hot cop boy friend—and some nasty supernatural murders—she’s all over this new skill, and a good thing too. Only a few things can really threaten a vampyre, and they’re all coming at her at once, including some strange and tender feelings she’s kind of forgotten—involving that mysterious thing humans call love.

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Hecate’s Heir
When human body parts start appearing at the San Antonio Crossroads, and the Crossroads Keeper is murdered while investigating the crime, Alex inherits a legacy in a supernatural world she never knew existed. A fireside chat with the goddess Hecate binds Alex as the new Crossroads Keeper, a role she has no desire to fulfill. Escalating dangers involving nightmares powerful enough to kill and long-dead souls reborn force her to investigate the darkness threatening the Crossroads and her new supernatural family.

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