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The Deceased
James Conroy is an Angel Officer in the Renaissance Police Department, a veteran of hundreds of death tech interfaces. No other Angel has journeyed deeper into the valley of the shadow of death. A late night call from Conroy’s precinct chief can mean only one thing: another murder victim to be interviewed.

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Doctor Satan
In March 1944, as the Nazis occupied Paris, the French Police and Fire Brigade were called to investigate a vile-smelling black smoke that had been pouring from the chimney of 21 Rue La Sueur for days. Inside the house, they were confronted with a scene from a nightmare. The thick black smoke was rising from a series of wood-burning stoves throughout the property that were stocked with human remains. In the basement, they discovered a furnace with larger body parts and a pit filled with quicklime and decay. There were suitcases full of the deceased’s belongings, and in the other rooms, they came upon something like a factory line of bodies. This was not mere murder – it was methodical processing of corpses.

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