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The Billionaire’s Secret Marriage
Steph doesn’t care that Bran is blind—at least he’ll never see the longing looks she gives him. If only she could warn him about the lack of love on his conniving fiancée’s face. But Steph has to keep her mouth shut, or she could lose her job, along with the health insurance that keeps her daughter alive. Billionaire Branson Knight knows women regard him as a pitiful blind man, his wealth his only attraction. So his engagement is merely a means to an end. But the last thing he wants to end is his relationship with Stephanie—he depends way too much on his efficient personal assistant.

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US UK and CA

Cold Revenge
When the bodies of two women are found in remote parts of her small town, Police Chief Sidney Becker finds disturbing evidence planted by the killer—a cryptic note and an obscure Viking coin. The symbology of the coin will lead Becker through a labyrinth of Viking mythology. The killer’s motive becomes more twisted and delusional. He stays one step ahead of Becker’s team at every turn. As they close in, the danger escalates. Sidney barely escapes deadly traps of fire and ice.

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US UK and CA

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