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SciFi and Fantasy

The Last of the Sages
In the kingdom of Allay, Sages are born. Powerful knights with supernatural abilities that would rival the strength of whole armies. And there is an academy that trains such warriors, forging them out of young, ordinary students. Few survive, but if there is any hope for this now desolate kingdom, the tests must be given to all that enter its walls.

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Blast Off
A criminal conspiracy programmed from ones and zeroes. Can a keyboard warrior stop her world from going south IRL? If Cassidy Delgado’s latest MMO flops, then so will her career. And as the multiplayer game’s product manager, she’s determined to be among the first to test out the new cutting-edge sensual suit. But when her in-game spaceship is infected by hackers, she discovers she’s carrying a sinister malware payload…

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Space Race
Arlo Lewis was resigned to his station in life as a supply hauler for one of the Primary Corporations ruling Earth, until an acquisition forces him to re-evaluate his situation. When he’s hand selected to lead SeaTech’s Race team, he struggles to return to the competitive field he abandoned as a teenager. With an eager team, and the promise of a better future, Arlo takes on the challenge, only to find more at stake than the rights to Proxima.

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US UK and CA

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