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Love, Travel, and Volunteering
Many people dream of seeing the world and making a difference. Not everybody will act on that dream, an undertaking that can be scary and overwhelming. Kandy puts those feelings aside and sets off to volunteer as a nurse in Peru. But things do not always work out as expected. Kandy does not know that she will end up doing voluntary work as a nurse in Guatemala, with children in Thailand and South Africa, and dogs in Jamaica and Mexico. She is left stranded in the middle of nowhere, jumps off the world’s highest commercial bridge, connects with monkeys, snorkels with seals, and so much more!

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How to Melt Body Fat Without Diets or Gyms
You might be reading this, having tried every diet and fad under the sun You might be snowed under with work, thinking you haven’t got time for yourself to lose weight and be healthier Maybe you already know that you’re the queen of excuses, saying you’ll “start on Monday”…again

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The Pragmatist’s Guide to Sexuality
Those in the US who get turned on by watching a predator eat a person outnumber the entire population of Massachusetts, a random American is about as likely to be turned on by parent-child roleplay as they are to be Black, and more Americans are turned on by feces than have a PhD. What the heck is going on here? Why do strange, often-inconvenient things activate a system that presumably evolved to compel humans to reproduce? Why do some things arouse some while repulsing others?

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