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SciFi and Fantasy

Flight of Sorcery and Shadow
Aedon’s captivity is over when darkness descends upon the realm. The elf’s only choices become escape or death—a far cry from his past fame and notoriety as a legendary thief. Lost, alone, and desperate to escape the deadly beasts now stalking him, he does not count on meeting Lief, a ranger of the woodland elves…and Aedon’s natural worst enemy.

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Soul Seeking
Jais, an orphan raised by his aunt and uncle on the fringes of society, is torn between a normal life and dreams of adventure. His heart is set on courting Alnia, the beautiful miller’s daughter, and with increased attacks from krolls, brutal misshapen beasts, he sees a chance to prove himself. His aunt warns him not to pursue the girl, nor seek the krolls, but someone must protect their village, and this is his chance to win Alnia’s heart.

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