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Fat Girl
Her widowed mother, Elaine, spends a small fortune on doctors trying to gain control of Sara’s weight. Nothing works. When Elaine discovers she’s terminally ill, she decides that after her death, someone will need to take care of Sara 24/7. Someone motivated who can also manage the $100 million estate Sara will inherit. She decides a young estate attorney from Chicago, Brandon Parrish, would work out just fine. Elaine also has other plans for Brandon.

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Last Stand at Redwood
Ace Knight is a small farmer in Ector County, following his late father’s credo – kill not for killing’s sake. Not beholden to any other man, Ace accepts to be a lookout on the county’s annual cattle drive. Outlaws have been roaming the lands picking off as many cattle and goods as they can. Ace is confident there will be no trouble. But things go horribly wrong. Escaping with his life, Ace is forced to reconsider his philosophy. Outlaws led by Black Eye Joe Baxter besieged towns, slaughtered men and defiled women, leaving no hope for anyone except in Ace Knight.

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