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PFC Wiggins’s Unofficial Commissary
Put those zombie fighting skills to the test with this workbook featuring PFC Wiggins’s side hustle and skills you’ve learned in the first six books from the Undead Institute. You’ll build a website for PFC Wiggins’s Unofficial Commissary, a source of cheese, “meat” and other goods for humanity’s compulsory, post-apocalyptic armed forces. With nothing but your wits and web skills you’ll take the website from a blank page through creating a fully functional, responsive website. You’ll be guided step by step through creating the underlying HTML, using CSS to add color and design and layout, addressing some usability issues, building forms, adding a CSS “boss” mode and converting the site into a responsive design so that it’ll work in any size browser.

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Ten Thousand Shells and Counting
At the age of fourteen, Nadija watches from her window as tanks roll into the airport across the street. It’s the beginning of the Serbian siege of the Bosnian capital. When a sniper kills their next door neighbor, Nadija and her family are forced to flee. Where can they find safe refuge? How does this young girl cope during the terrifying and seemingly never ending war? The true story of a teenager who learns to survive under the brutal war-sculpted lifestyle and losses under siege.

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