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In Cold Blood
Dig into more than 600 pages of fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat, gritty thrillers with flawed but big-hearted vigilante heroines who love nothing better than kicking butt and taking names for those who can’t do so themselves.

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US UK and CA

Pirates, Scoundrels, and Saints
Juan’s crew of outcasts and thieves from various countries lived at the edge of a dusty village in Southern Haiti, not far from the Dominican Republic border. They were safe in Haiti—a country of refuge for pirates and thieves, for injustice and abuse. The village itself consisted of fewer than a hundred hovels of sticks, paper, and earth, all clustered together. The inhabitants made their living from fishing and meager farming. Their bodies were thin, and souls depressed. It was typical Haiti.

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US UK and CA

Unexpected Magic
Emmaline Lyland is a perfectly abnormal fifteen-year-old girl struggling to find her place in an ordinary world full of extraordinary magic. When she returns to Ackley Institute for another school year, she quickly realizes it will be one unlike any other. With tensions running high across Andar, relationships between the regions and the students are quickly falling apart. A hidden danger lurks outside the safety of the school walls, and Emmie and her friends are determined to uncover the mystery.

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US UK and CA

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