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Russian Roulette
Beautiful Kerri seems to have fallen for him. She even left Dev a note . . .
Apparently she just needs a little help finding her sister. Unfortunately, it turns out both women are involved with notorious Russian mob boss, Bracko the Whacko! Things quickly go downhill from there. In short order Dev finds himself at odds with the local police, Homeland Security, ICE, and an FBI task force. He’s got a gunshot wound and shrapnel in his rear, ouch! Not to mention he’s on the run from a psychotic killer!

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A Rascally Rub Out
Hi, I’m Camille, a witch PI who can read minds and tell the past and future. Which didn’t help when I saw my ex cheating on me. He loved my powers but when I told him his business would go belly up and he’d find another woman, he wasn’t happy. And then it all came to pass. I’m better without him. My familiar is a calico kitty named Quentin. He’s an odd one who likes brandy in his milk. Oh and he can also connect with the dead.

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