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How to Deal with Grief, Loss, and Death
Every year millions face the effects of dealing with loss and grief. This can be the result of death, divorce, moving, retirement, or other life events. Since society hasn’t provided effective ways of handling grief, many grievers feel lost and alone. Grief is a reaction that happens when someone we love or care about dies or leaves. When this happens, a whole host of emotions might overwhelm you. Some of these emotions include feeling sad, angry, confused, or scared. What’s even more frightening is not knowing how to deal with this sudden wave of emotions that have hit you hard like a tsunami.

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The Habit Of Critical Thinking
How many times have you tried to change your habits? If you’re like most people, more than you care to think about. And how different is your life now? It’s not your fault; the human brain, by nature, doesn’t want to make significant changes. To build new positive habits, you’ll have to “hotwire” your brain.

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