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Survive The Night
An EMP means the end of the world as they know it for a family who fights to survive. When disaster strikes in the form of an EMP, Marcus and his family flee to their remote cabin in the mountains.

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US UK and CA

Peacemaker’s Dream
Peacemaker’s Dream is an Historical Fiction Adventure that explores a previously undocumented account of the Colonisation of Jamestown through the eyes of a young girl called Pocahontas. This is not however, in any way, related to the Disney version of her story, and reviewers have, without exception, been surprised when the truth is unveiled. When Invading Strangers arrive, she knows what she must do. With skills beyond her years, she forges a friendship with their leader, John Smith, and peace is achieved. As she turns into a young woman, things take a turn for the worse.

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US UK and CA

The Sea of Tranquility 2.0
An exasperated high school social science teacher with half her senior class failing, resorts to a drastic measure resulting in The Sea of Tranquility 2.0. Four of her students come up with a radical project to help slow rising sea levels and provide a homeland for some of the millions of refugees set adrift by wars, failing economies and gang violence

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US UK and CA

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