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Innocent Blood
John Jordan’s very first case is his most shocking and devastating. Discover the secret that haunts this legendary detective to this day. When John Jordan was twelve years old, he came face-to-face with the Atlanta Monster, Wayne Williams, the man who went to prison for the Atlanta Child Murders. Unconvinced Williams was responsible for all the murders, John returns to Atlanta six years later to discover the truth.

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Bitter Past
Three years ago, criminalist Ellie Matthews was blindsided when a grisly homicide case suddenly became personal. She abandoned the danger and stress of crime scene investigation for a professorship at a posh private college and never looked back. Now, Ellie’s pleasant world is shattered when she finds the dead body of a female student. The campus is in chaos, reporters are circling like vultures, and Ellie is trying her best to distance herself from the situation. Not an easy task when her closest colleague becomes the prime suspect.

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A Dollop of Sorcery
When Georgie offers the art gallery space to a dance troupe for a fundraiser, she didn’t realize murder would follow. Or that the dearly departed would be dressed in a clown suit adorned on a Mardi Gras float. Not only is the murder weapon strange, but several suspects raise concern with Raphael and Georgie. Myrna, the victim’s housekeeper was treated poorly, but would that lead to murder? The victim also partaked in poker…could a player he double crossed want revenge? Or is the culprit closer to home, such as a brother cheated out of an inheritance.

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