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Don’t Tell Me You Love Me
Naked zip lining in the Thailand jungle and being pulled onstage at a Denzel Duke concert is a regular day for travel vlogger Shae. Living life out of a suitcase and splashed across social media means relationships are off the table. At least that’s what Shae tells herself and every guy she meets. But it’s the secret she hides from her fans that keeps her heart intact—Shae is dying. For her, love is a complication she doesn’t need and leaving someone behind, like her father left her mother, is the last thing Shae wants to think about.

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Unforgettable Satisfaction
Unbelievable Satisfaction – Secrets and Courage – features eight novels from highly acclaimed authors that are guaranteed to keep you reading all night. Face danger and death with dedicated police officers, discover the truth with wrongfully convicted felons, tip the scales in an election, listen to the voices of the past to find necessary answers, locate the crying child through mysterious instincts, discover the power of love in the face of danger…and embrace the satisfaction of a job well done.

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Ranger Protection
When Dr. Tara Sims is robbed, she fights back to protect her daughter and nearly pays with her life. She’s rescued by Texas Ranger Grady West. Her childhood friend is now a handsome lawman, but Tara refuses to acknowledge the chemistry sparking between them. With a little girl to raise and a growing medical practice, she has no room in her life for romance.

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