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Marie-Therese is about to take in another child in foster care. But Edwina is no ordinary girl as Marie-Therese is about to discover. Stories of death and destruction follow her trail and soon events in the small Danish town will take a decidedly macabre turn on one horrifying and endless night. EDWINA is a spinoff from the third book in Willow Rose’s Rebekka Franck Series Five, Six…Grab Your Crucifix, but can be read separately.

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This Love Kills Me
Julia Rose, an acclaimed millionaire fantasy author, wife, and mother to a young boy, disappears on a family cruise. Did someone push her overboard? Or did she fall? Three years after the incident, a beautiful young woman shows up in Manhattan, calling herself Annie Adams. With the help of Julia’s former attorney, Annie establishes herself as the new estate manager of the Rose family. But Annie didn’t take the job to make Julia’s widower richer. She is in the city to find out who tried to kill Julia and why, and make them pay.

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