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SciFi and Fantasy

Two teenagers want to save the world and bring peace to our planet. Lee and Roni, two brave and inspiring teenagers, face the terrible nuclear dragon Nuki, who tries to stop them from bringing the magical peace flower to our earth, which can only be found in Esperia – Hope, the Land of the Future, to our Earth. At the suggestion of the famous scientist Bayles, they travel our galaxy through the past, present and future, in a magical super-modern high-tech talking vehicle called Muzi, guided by Petra, the smart and resourceful sister of Peter Pan.

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Secret Sky
Everybody wishes they could fly—until it happens. When Emelynn Taylor wakes up in the emergency room, her injuries present Dr. Avery Coulter with more questions than answers. Who is this guarded young woman? Why was she found in the middle of Sunset Park? How can she have injuries consistent with falling from above the tree line? Seemingly from nowhere? And, more importantly: Why is she lying about it?

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Invasion of the Frorees
In 2035, we learn we’re not alone… Unbeknownst to most citizens of Earth, humanity has space outposts throughout the Sol System — the Moon, Mars, and beyond. After an Alien battle cruiser trips an early-warning detection beacon out past Pluto, the Federated Union calls on Jock and Dom to investigate and stop them at any cost. Bitter rivals, can they work together to save Earth without killing each other first? This thrilling and fast-paced, light-hearted sci-fi novel features humor, romance, fast ships, large furry creatures, Alien beings, asteroids, with a special appearance by polymuciligans. Oh, and did we mention fast ships?

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