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Rylee had lived her whole life in Seattle. The natural disasters had destroyed most of the world. They were told the technology would save them. It was a lie. Elects could afford the implants. Most people couldn’t. She hated the Elects, except for one. Grayson seemed different, but could she trust him? The rest were cruel, privileged, and dangerous. They were supposed to help everyone, but greed made the Alliance the enemy. The rules were designed to oppress the Norms.

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Devil’s Island
Devil’s Island . . . an abandoned island in the Caribbean Sea with a dark and bloody past . . . an island with a terrible secret.

Nick Gorman, a billionaire movie producer, assembles a team of ghost hunters and scientists to investigate the Thornhill Manor on Devil’s Island . . . the most haunted place in the world that no one’s ever heard of. He’s there to find proof of ghosts, evidence of an afterlife. But he’s also there to uncover a secret hidden on the island that could change all of humanity.

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